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Your Burning Questions Answered

Absolutely, please stop by! Buy a shirt and rep our gym back in your home town!

Yes. Yes. And Yes. Give us a try- but you’ve been warned you may never want to leave!

Water (for sure) and likely a towel for the car ride home!

What ever you are comfortable sweating in. Shorts (or leggings), a t-shirt, and tennis shoes– you’ll be good to go!

CrossFit is for everyone at every age. All movements and weights can be scaled. Working out in a group setting takes the pressure off being the only one working out yet inspires you to push yourself along side others. Let someone else plan your workout- show up, crush it, and go home feeling accomplished all within an hour!

Absolutely not, just reach out to [email protected] and we can get you hooked up with a coach for a class time that suits you.